5 Tips for Choosing the Right Ceiling Medallion for Your Home

A ceiling medallion makes an amazing accent for a diverse range of ceiling lighting types, from ceiling fans to chandeliers. At its basic, a ceiling medallion is an ornamental piece that glams-up and improves the surrounding areas around the roof canopy, where the wiring of a chandelier or other light fixture enters the junction box of the ceiling.

These medallions come in a range of finishes and sizes and can be also painted on to match the present room decor. Opt for a medallion size that perfectly fits the light fixtures along with the style and size of the room where it will be placed.

When choosing a ceiling medallion, keep in mind the 5 following pointers:

1. Size of the Ceiling and Room

Calculate the room’s dimensions to decide what size of a medallion would ideally fir space. With the help of a measuring tape, measure both the width and length of the room then multiply both the figures and divide by 7 to estimate the medallion’s size in inches. Also, take into consideration the ceiling’s height. Higher focal rooms and ceilings can be improved with bigger medallions that would otherwise overwhelm a tiny space.

2. Style and Size of the Ceiling Fan

Choose a medallion that ideally fits the size as well as complements the ceiling fan’s style. Medallions should be either larger or smaller than the light fixture – not the foundation but the fixture itself. Matching the medallion’s size to that of the light fixture’s will visually compress the room’s size. Since ceilings fans have a larger radius, you should choose a medallion with a smaller diameter than the fan.

3. To Paint or Not to Paint?

You can match your trim using a nice glossy paint or you can just go for an accent color. A majority of ceiling medallions are purchased primed and ready for paint. The final answer will, of course, depends on your preferences and the present decor of your room. It is always a good idea to get inspired first and then make a final decision, so make sure to look up ideas on the internet.

4. Unsure About the Position? Center It

If you love the idea of owning a medallion but are unsure of where to put it, go for the center position. Symmetry is aesthetically pleasing, and accenting the center point can help tie the room together, especially when it comes to larger spaces.

In order to determine the center of a rectangular room, calculate the length of one of the shorter walls. Determine the wall’s center point and mark it. Do the same for the adjacent wall. Now use a laser plumb or chalk to draw a line between the two points. Continue the process using the focal points of the longer walls. The point where the two lines meet is the center of the room.

5. Take into Consideration the Ceiling Fixtures

When thinking about where to locate a visual feature on the floor, it can be easy to overlook the ceiling’s features. These will impact how you actually perceive the floor. Swag lamps, ceiling fans, and chandeliers tend to draw the eye up and down from their spot. You may put the ceiling medallion in the heart of a room, but if your chandelier is not perfectly centered as well, that variance will give the impression of a misplaced medallion. To correct this issue, try aligning the medallion with the focal point of the fixture, using a plumb line for accuracy.

On the other hand, if you decide to not place the medallion in the center, make sure that it at least looks deliberate. A ceiling medallion that is just partially off from the visual center of a room will look weird and like a mistake. However, if it is pretty clear that it was never intended to be placed in the heart of the room, the asymmetry won’t be as distracting. The secret is to create visual harmony, meaning that the parts should fit with the entire room in a way that each element appears to be in its right place.

Benefits Of Choosing Liquid Limestone: Home Improvement Tips

There are many different ways you can choose from when you want to improve and beautify of your patio, alfresco area, and driveway. The same is true when providing a clean and safe pool surround. It may seem quite difficult with many options to think of, however, if the right steps are embraced, things can still be easy.

When renovating, there are many ways to arrive at this and planning adequately prior to moving out and looking for the most reliable experts for this purpose should be your initial step.

For your outdoor, as a popular choice in terms of decorative value and style, choosing to have a liquid limestone driveway, patio and pool surround, renovation experts say provides economical advantage, durability and decorative value. Liquid limestone is a mixture of concrete, crushed limestone and other additives used in driveway, pool surrounds and patio constructions.

What are the advantages of Choosing Liquid Limestone?

Variety of colours

– For liquid limestone, the variety of colour you can choose from depends on the type of rock you pick. This makes it easier to match and combine your driveway or garden path to the overall design of your home.

Customised design

– It is available in an exciting range of finishes and designs to suit any environment.

Modern alternative to paving and concrete

– A perfect modern alternative to traditional brick paving or concrete.

Increased property value

– Choosing liquid limestone for your project is considered an investment in your property considering its look, feel and other benefits.

Huge range of patterns

– Whatever design you are planning for your home, matching your outdoor style will be easier and will bring better results in the overall look of your property with the huge range of patterns you can choose from.

Cool to walk on

– Despite the scorching weather, this kind of paving is always cool to walk on.

Maintenance free

– When prepared and installed properly, it can save you many years of maintenance-free satisfaction even with the most challenging condition.


– It’s a great cost-effective way to decorate your selected area.

No sinking pavers and no ants and weeds

– It does not warp, sink or have gaps for weeds and ants to grow through.

Strong and durable

– This being the mixture of limestone and concrete, especially when combined with expert knowledge and workmanship, will create a durable natural finish.